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Be & Well Organic Argan Oil Distributor

Argan Oil is a rare and precious product. Our Company is specialized in B to B Distribution of Organic Argan Oil respecting ecologic and international norms.

The Production

Be & Well  selects the best production of Organic Argan Oil and controls the entire process to the production to the packaging.

The Packaging

Be & Well proposes its Organic Argan Oil in various packaging, bottle or metal/plastic drum, for a use as natural ingredient (raw material) for nutraceutic, pharmaceutic and cosmetics industries.

The Distribution

Specialized in importation since 1946, Be & Well has a solid and professional experience and the best means to supply your Company.

Our expertise for Health and Beauty industry in Organic Argan Oil vegetal extraction

Argan oil is extracted from the kernel of the fruit of the argan tree (Argania spinosa). Nicknamed the “the tree of life,” this wild, thorny tree grows exclusively in southwestern Morocco. It can grow as high as eight to ten meters and can live up to 200 years.

We aim to provide clients with tailor-made solutions in order to help and assist them in their projects.

Be & Well's quality commitment;

Our Argan Oil is certified Organic

Making efforts to provide the excellence of Organic Argan Oil, Be & Well obtains the best certifications to insure reporting, quality and traceability.